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You can view Facebook, Myspace, Youtube, Orkut, Bebo and more social networks.

An anonymous proxy server ("proxy") is a unique type of server that acts as a go-between at for a home network and the rest of the Internet. An anonymous proxy server makes pings for Internet information on your behalf, using the servers IP address instead of yours. Your computer only accesses Web sites but not directly, using the proxy server. Because of this, Web sites will only see the Proxy Servers' IP address, not your home IP address.

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Unblock All The Best Sites Using Cloak Doctor

We allow you to bypass restricted sites from any computer with an internet connection! We unblock many sites that other proxies do not - like MySpace, Okut, Bebo, Facebook and Watch Youtube Videos! Most proxies fall short because they do not allow you to log onto these sites - Use our custom built proxy technology to get through!

Cloak also provides anonymous web surfing through our intermediary server to prevent unauthorized parties from gathering your personal information. This proxy you extra security on every website you are viewing. The best thing about our whole proxy network is they are free, fast and simple to use.

All web proxies let you view sites that may be blocked in your work, college or university. You may also wish to protect your privacy by remaining anonymous in certain countries with oppressive censorship. All you need to do is enter a URL and click unblock!